Education Consulting


1. Where are you located?

   We are primarily based in Birmingham. We have centres in the following locations:

  •  Great Barr
  •  Sutton Coldfield
  •  Alum Rock

2.What subjects can you teach?

     We teach a wide range of subjects from Maths and English to Geography. To find out more please fill out this form and our consultant will be in touch.

 3. Can you help me with Oxbridge applications? 

Yes, we currently offer advice on a limited amount of courses applications for Oxford and Cambridge University (Including Medicine and Engineering).

4. Would it be possible to meet the tutor before hand?

The first lesson is completely free which allows the student to get to know the consultant better and understand the Ucademy teaching philosophy. Great right? 

5. What are your previous student’s results like?

Our latest GCSE’s results (2018) for students who completed the courses *ALL* achieved grades 7,8 and 9 (A/A*). We also have a 100% record in 11+ entrance test in Birmingham on full completion of the course. Our previous students have achieved places at University of Oxford, private schools and Birmingham Grammar schools. 

Please note this result is based on the full completion of our courses.

6. What is full completion of the course?

Full completion of the course refers to completing the recommended number of tutorial sessions and outside of hours work. This varies from student to student and as such our consultant will advise you on what is required to achieve successful completion. 

7. What is your payment policy?

All payment is required in advance for 4 weeks, prior to the first lesson every 4 weeks. This allows Ucademy to schedule its lessons appropriately.

8. What is your attendance policy?

Sessions will typically run every week all year round until the completion of the course. Students are expected to attend all sessions for the full completion of the course. This includes sessions in the Summer and Winter holidays. A student may take 3 absences throughout an academic year which will be fully refunded (24 hour notice is required). 

5 further absences may be taken throughout the academic year, which are not refunded (24 hour notice is required).

A student will be removed from the tutorials after (3+5) 8 absences. We deem this to be an excessive amount of absences for a student who is aspiring for top grades.

9. What if I have an emergency absence?

Generally an emergency absence will count under the normal absence policy, however the Ucademy team will judge it on a case by case basis and exceptions may be made.

Some common reasons for absences which are counted under the usual absence rules:

  • Lack of Transport (e.g car broke down)
  • Pilgrimage 
  • Pre planned or emergency holiday 
  • Sick student

10. I really love what you offer but can't afford the tutorial - Is there any discount available?

We don't offer any discounts, however we do have unlimited bursaries available for those parents who cannot afford the tutorial fees. Please click here to fill out our bursary form.

We also offer a generous referral discount of £50 every time you successfully refer someone to Ucademy.