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The founder Usman gains a place at the prestigious Oxford University. Naturally this meant requests from the community to help them achieve success in their education. 


The company develops its unique Artificial Intelligence and benchmarking tool, never before used in the tutoring industry to help identify areas of strength and weakness for students. 

We offer a range of consulting services, all designed to help you reach your true potential. Whether you're looking for a small tweak or a complete overhaul, we have you covered. 

Zain is a founding member and an advisor to U-cademy. Zain is completing his masters in Pharmacy, is also a PhD Research assistant and a Radio presenter outside of U-cademy.

Adam a PHD candidate at University of Cambridge and a Senior Consultant at U-cademy. Adam specialises in strategic development and analysis of the U-cademy education model.

Our Story

From teaching few students to many students backed by cutting edge research and technology, U-cademy has grown exponentially over the years. Below you’ll find our story so far.

Raeesa is one of the founding members and a Senior Consultant at U-cademy. Raeesa specialises in health and welfare strategy for students. Raeesa holds a degree in Optometry.

Bilal is one of the founding members and a Senior Consultant at U-cademy. Bilal has over 5 years of experience tutoring a range of subjects.

Bilal is currently completing his Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Meet the Team


As the requests began to increase, a group of academics came together to realise an education model which can help many achieve success to a high standard. The company name U-cademy was born.

Where Tuition is about you


U-cademy expands its offerings to multiple areas across Birmingham and outside. 

Nabil is a Senior Consultant for U-cademy. Nabil studied Engineering alongside Usman at University of Oxford. Nabil is involved in widening education access to the community. He consults and tutors predominantly in the Greater London region.

Usman is the founder and director at U-cademy. Usman has over 7+ years of experience in the tutoring sector, working as a strategy consultant for global firms and working internationally (China). 

Usman studied Engineering Science at University of Oxford and the University of Birmingham. 
He currently heads up a robotics based technology startup alongside his efforts at U-cademy.

Usman also dedicates his time volunteering with children from the community to enhance and improve their social skills. 

Sidrah is a Senior Language and Humanities Consultant for U-cademy. She has over 10 years experience in the education sector and has both tutored and formally taught a variety of subjects across key stages. She holds a Theology Degree from the University of Cambridge.​

U-cademy is a tutoring company specialising in helping clients achieve the top academic goals by providing for them a defined strategy and expertise which they can utilise. Our core strength is an excellent tuition model developed by academics from University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge which is overseen by specialists within the educational sector.